Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Tribute to Aunt Rye (Maria Louise Dixon)

They ask, "What is in a name?" It seems to me
There is much that is unseen¬
Something of the divine, that symbolizes ones identity
in this life and all eternity.
There are names that stir the soul, when they fall upon the ear
Names that keep us free from all fear.
There are names we mention in reverent awe melodic and tender like a refrain and
Names of heroes that have become a part of our country's fame.
Names flashed on Broadway for all to see
Names that signify a high degree.
And just names of sweet simplicity like "Aunt Rye".
I have loved this name since the days of my youth,
And idolized its owner for her virtue, wisdom and truth
"Aunt Rye", it is such a homespun, humble name
No glamour or pretentiousness did its bearer ever claim.
Calm and serene she stood, meeting life's tests and trials
Believing life was good.
"Aunt Rye" was a participant in life; she liked to be in the midst of things
And share its joy and strife.
Names were very important to our "Aunt Rye"
Names of the living and names of the dead
She believed in salvation's plan and always had much work ahead.
She enjoyed Temple work, and she always tried to do her share
For the less fortunate souls who haven't the gospel over there.
Her genealogy records are well done
She toiled to complete them from sun to sun.
"Aunt Rye" was steadfast in her faith
She loved the Gospel Plan.
She loved her God and served him well; she loved her fellowman.
"Aunt Rye" was a saleslady; she had loveliness to sell
"Aunt Rye" was a dreamer and planner, and she always planned well.
"Aunt Rye" was a comforter; she was always where
illness and grief were causing despair.
Her presence was soothing;
in healing she had skill.
When asked if she'd stay with you, she always answered, "Sure, I will".
We all felt relieved when "Aunt Rye" was close by.

ecause on her helpfulness we could always rely.
"Aunt Rye" was a historian and recorder, too.
She was proud of our pioneers and preserved their life stories for all of you.
She cherished her birth right.
Was proud of her kin,
And what they had been.
She painstakingly preserved their history
for all of her beloved posterity to see.
"Aunt Rye" was a student; she liked to read
She appreciated talent and liked to see fools succeed.
She endeavored to find out about the new things in her daily pursuits.
In this way she acquired much knowledge;
Became an educated person without going to college.
"Aunt Rye" was a teacher of Zion's youth;
She loved little children and taught them the truth.
"Aunt Rye" was a devoted sweetheart and wife.
Always pretty and neat.
She seemed to sparkle;
Her spirit was so sweet.
Her choicest role was that of mother¬
She placed that assignment above any other.
Her home was her castle:
Love and good will did abide
The atmosphere was lovely, because peace and tranquility reigned inside.
Her family by good example were taught.
She practiced doing good;
Her character and service have honored womanhood.
Her family have all lived exemplary lives,
As have their children and their devoted wives.
This to their parents much happiness brought.
"Aunt Rye" was enthusiastic and busy as a bee
She lived life abundantly and gloried in its opportunity.
She liked to work; liked to play.
She loved to chat with her family and friends; always had something interesting to say.
She liked to laugh, hike, and swim,
And was always full of vigor and vim.
Folks were anxious to meet "Aunt Rye", and passers by would say,
'So you're "Aunt Rye" Taylor, We've heard about you.
And soon they'd be calling her "Aunt Rye", too.
They felt a close kinship, because of the nice things she'd do.
And as the greatest of all teachers, by example taught,
"Aunt Rye's" splendid lessons to us all have brought
Renewed faith, better judgement, and many a good thought.
It has been said that all we take with us when we leave this earth
Is what we have given; service measures our worth.
As our Creator challenged us to do unto, the least of these
"Aunt Rye" has met this challange and her Creator will she please.
Her widow's mite was always giving of her time and substance
Each day from morn till night.
So' Aunt Rye" has taken with her something more precious than gold
Her record of good deeds will bring blessings many fold.
And the heritage she leaves to family, neighbors, and friends,
Remembering her goodness, no one knows how far its influence extends.
And to show our appreciation for this life so fine
We can, like her, so live
That we too may have something as worthwhile to give.
And I know today in that eternal home not so far away
"Aunt Rye" will not sit idly by--
She'll be helping always doing her share.
And folks, there, too, will love our "Aunt Rye"¬
I know that my Redeemer Lives, and spirits like "Aunt Rye's never die.

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