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Sarah Lacey Vickers Hall (1857-1942)

On the 9th day of October in 1857, a tiny baby girl was born to John Vickers and Ann Lacey in Nephi, Utah. One month later the baby was blessed and given the name of Sarah Lacey Vickers. She was the third child born to her parents. She had two sisters and five brothers. There were six of the children who lived to marry and rear families of their own.

She grew and developed into a lovely young child and gave her parents many pleasant hours with her childlike sweetness and sincerity.

Not unlike the average pioneer child of those virgin years in Utah, whe was deprived of complete and normal schooling. Being the eldest girl in the family, extra responsibility was given her at a very young age. Many of the church authorities, as they traveled throughout the state visiting with the saints stopped at the home of John Vickers for lodging. Travel in those days by horse and buggy was slow and tiresome and required many stops during the entire trip through the state. So when the visitors rested at the Vicker's home in Nephi there naturally was plenty of hustle and bustle as the womenfolk prepared especially for them.

Sarah had the privilege of becoming acquainted with many of the early leaders of the church and helped to make their stop over pleasant and comfortable.

Their home seemed to become known because there were other travelers who found welcome at the home of John Vickers. One in particular, Charles Alma Hall, was to become an important person in the Vicker's home. He was a repairman on the telegraph lines and he always managed to stop at the Vicker's home whenever he was out of Salt Lake City repairing the Deseret Telegraph lines. He was just a young man about the same age as Sarah, and it was not long before he recognized in Sarah a wonderful girl who would be a good homemaker and wife. He courted her and soon they were married. They were married in April 1879 in the Endowment House.

They made their home in Nephi and the following year on April 19, 1880, their first child was born. She was blessed and given the name of Selena Ann in honor of both of her grandmothers. Other children to bless their home were, John Charles Hall born April 1992, four children who died in infancy, then came Parry C. Hall, born on July 4, 1892 and Brent D. Hall who was born on April 5, 1884.

Selena Ann, the first child, (or Dolly as she was always called) died when her first baby Iver Hall Sudweeks, was born. Sarah took the baby and cared for him as a mother until he was grown and married.

Sarah, because of the training she had received as a young child and woman from her goodly parents, was a faithful and ardent worker as a member of the church and of her community, She served whenever she was asked and whenever she saw the need with her friends and neighbors. She was president of the Relief Society in the Fourth Ward for many years. She was a stake worker in the Primary organization and also a member of the Old Folk's Central Committee where she received much joy and happiness as she grew older. She was an active and energetic person and found constructive recreation and relaxation for her time by her diligent service. She discovered peace and contentment in service for others, so she never failed to accept responsibility if she were able to fulfill the position well.

The last two years of her life were very sad because she was bedridden with arthritis, a disease which was difficult for one who had been so active and hardworking during her life. She suffered immensely with little complaint and in Sept. 1942, she was relieved of her suffering when she passed away in the home she had help build with her husband and where most of her children were born.

Naturally, she will be endeared in the hearts of her children and grandchildren as a good and kind mother, but friends and neighbors who knew her will always speak highly of her and remember her for her thoughtfulness and service in behalf of others less-fortunate than she.

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