Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jacob Heathcote Langston (1863-1930) - Photographs

These are most of the photographs I have of my great-great-grandfather, Jacob Heathcote Langston. This first one is of him and his young wife, Alice Maude Hall, whom he married in the St. George Temple on 1 October, 1884. This was apparently taken on their wedding day when he was 21 and she was 20.

This next image is of him in his later years with his surviving son, Jacob Alma Langston (everybody called him Alma, shown on bottom). The other person, identified as Orlando Hepworth, I'm guessing was a friend of Alma's. I do not know the year that this image was taken.

This next image is Jacob and his surviving brothers (two died as infants), John Franklin Langston, who died in 1910; Isaac Heber Langston, who died in 1939; and William Robert Langston, who died in 1940. I believe John and Isaac are to his left, and William is to his right.

This next image is of Jacob and his second wife, Sarah Malinda Alldredge, whom he married 5 March 1924. She was previously married to a George Eli Talbot, who had passed away on 15 March 1922; with whom she had had eight children. Some records show that she was sometimes called "Sade."

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