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Cora Catherine Gladden Lambert (1881-1967) Census Records

Cora Catherine Gladden is the daughter of William Langstaff Gladden and Zula Ann Gladden. She was born in 1881. The first census record I have is from 1900, which shows her as a 19-year-old in her parents house. Interestingly, her birth month is listed as November 1881, which disagrees with my own records where her birth is listed as 14 Aug 1881. Which is right?

[1900 census record cropped]

I stumbled across the 1910 census record while looking for her sister Mary Ann Gladden -- listed as Bullings on this record meaning she was already married. You can see at this time that little Catherine has been born. Here, as in the other census records, Mary's husband is not listed.

[1910 census record cropped]

The 1920 census record lists her with her husband, "Osca L" (Oscar) and her daughter Catherine L., who is 10 at this time. Also included in the record is a sister, Mary A. Bullings, who is is Cora's sister, Mary Ann, with her married name.

[1920 census record cropped]

The 1930 census record again shows her and her husband, Oscar L. Lambert. Also in the house is a Katherine Via (or Vea?), listed as a daughter; and Fred C. Via, a son-in-law. Interestingly, another member of the household is none other than Zula "Glanddin", her mother, who, by this time, is a widow.

[1930 census record cropped]

Interestingly, there are three others listed in the house, namely: Mary "Bullinge", listed as a 40-year-old sister, again Cora's sister; John T. Cobb, a 40-year-old boarder; and one Albert Pickerel, an 8-year-old boy who is listed as an adopted son. It is very likely that Albert is the adopted son of Cora and Oscar, but that conclusion can not be fully drawn from this record alone.


Susan said...

Hi. I was looking for Gladden family histories and saw your post. I am working on my son-in-law's Cobb family---so I have Cobb grand kids. These Cobb, Gladden and Teeter are from NC and SC.
I am a member also and returned from a Mission in Switzerland 9 months ago. What a small world. Write back sometime when you are not so tired. Been there, Done that.
Sincerely, Susan O. Palmer, Brunswick, GA

ripplenstillh20 said...

This is a new project for me. I was doing some research on my grandparents when I stumbled across your blog. Cora was my grandfather's sister. My grandfather is James Thomas Gladden who married Texas Anna Smith. My father is Fred Robert Gladden.
I was surprised with story of great-grandfather William Langston Gladden basically jumping ship. We were always told that he immigrated to this country from England and that he was the black sheep of the family.
I'm going on a treasure hunt....that story has roused my curiosity and I have to find the real story. The story is sort of a curious coincidence as there is a very similar story regarding my mother's father and how he got here from Poland.

Cindy Tuttle
Salem, VA

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