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Myrtle Kezia Langston Wright (1892-1956)

The following was taken from a history written by the hand of the subject; spelling and grammar have not been corrected, though paragraph breaks have been added for convenience. This personal history was found in a book of remembrance that she herself collected and compiled.

When I was 3 1/2 yrs, father brot us to Hinckly Millard Co Ut. to live 1896. Our home was 2 rooms, & we used log granary for bedroom. Built large cellar - 1/2 rock & 1/2 adobe walls, roof mud & straw covered with dirt put over log beams & slab boards. I slept there. For 11 yrs we lived in that home then bot LeRoy Young's home & farm. There I lived till I married in 1915. Built us home 2 blocks west of High S. Lived there till we moved to Salt L. 1939, & here we still live. Apr 15, '48. My vocation has always been in my home. Avocation is church work - Primary & M.I.A. My special talent is to love music, play piano a little, sing & direct choruses choir & S.S. 10 years contest singing my specialty. Since coming to S.L. my activities have lessened. Poor health is mostly the cause. I had a singing mother's cho. in 31st ward first winter we were here - then later, one in Nibley Park Ward. Now I am Stake Guide Leader in Primary. Attended schools in Hinckley for grade & High school - (Millard Academy it was then) graduated from 8th grade 1908, from H.S. 1913. Taught school 2 years - first one at Salem Ut. Co. Utah. Second at Hinckley. Married 1915.

Have traveled little - took 2 trips to Cal. & one to Mesa Temple, many trips to Manti temple & Salt Lake temple. I am now working in genealogical work in Fairmont ward & a Stake Guide leader in Primary Assn. I was released as Stake Guide Leader in 1950. Stake Board with Elva Stewart as Pres. gave me a blue basket vase. 3 Board members were released the same day at a party given in our honor at Carma Peterson home on her back lawn. It was one of first socials I had attended since my stroke Mar 3, 1950. During the time I was convalescing, Norda, Ena, & Ruth each stayed a week with me after 10 days in Holy C. hospital. Then Margaret Benson stayed for 6 wks, which gave me time to do my own work.

Dr. Clausen, a nice fellow & Dr. too is my Dr. I have every confidence in him & he has made check ups to know my progress. He says I have done real well. At this date, 2-10-51 he thinks I have come a long way towards recovery altho' he says people don't shake off a "nervous exhaustion" heart & nerves. But I am thankful every day for my recovery - use of hand & limbs & will continually pray for continued health. I've taken treatments from Dr. Drurya Chiro & he has done me a lot of good. I like him so very much. Joe has been a darling to me - so thotful, kind & considerate. I do pray I won't ever be a burden to him in any way - that I can always do for him until my call comes. He will take me to see the children - Ruth at Provo, Glen at Ogden, Norda at Tooele, Ena at Tod, nearly every Sunday P.M. To be with our children is a bit of heaven on earth.

Glen & Jean are looking for their baby in July - Happy that's!! Joe & I read to each other & enjoy our evenings together more now than we've ever done - What a dear husband he is! May God's choicest blessings always give him good health & that when one of us leave the other, we can soon be reunited-. I had our ward do a group of sealings for my mother's people on Jan. 29-51. Then Feb. 2 I had a group of our Degrey line baptized for - I was b. for 5 names, & it was my first - a heavenly wonderful experience. Hope I can do more. Aunt Annie W. died today 2-10-51 of a stroke. What a nice release for her! Joe & I are taking Afton & Wallace down. During this last mo. Glen & Jean have gotten - Matag (her Mother's wedding gift) "Adler" sewing machine, & new car. I'm so happy for them. Glen is really deserving of his car, bless him. Hope Ruth & E can - but she goes to school for his Dr's Degree this summer if he stays at BYU.

Nov '51 Carl & Ruth both teach Earl at B.Y.U. Both like it fine in Provo. My health has been good - still see Dr. C. every month. 10 Feb. 53: Well, here we are, Joe & I living in Ogden at the Ut. Industrial school. Joe hurt his leg during summer of 1952 causing a part of his vein about his knee to die, full of coagulated blood, so he can't work outdoors, so Claude Pratt, head of In. School gave Joe & Ben Bishop a job in Administration Bldg. remodeling the basement. I am happy here with Joe - will have different experiences - I enjoyed Relief here last Tues. Hope to get to know people. We pay $16.00 mo. rent = 3 rooms kitchen & bath; get milk each day - see Glen & Jean 2-3 times weekly - their beautiful new baby boy is growing nicely - so is Janice. Joe & I was with Study Gp. Sun. at Parnell's & Cleo Hinckley's. We came to [?] in a blizzard. Saw Dr. C. Sat. Feb 7. Says my heart is fine - not much fribulation - me to not worry about cancers, heart etc. & get well. He is a good Dr.

The following vital information was also included:

-- Father's name: Jacob Heathcote Langston
-- Mother's maiden name: Alice Maude Hall
-- Born: 15 December 1892 in Rockville Washington Co. Utah
-- Blessed: 22 December 1892 by Jacob Heathcote Langston
-- Baptized: 15 December 1900 in Hinckley canal by Jacob Heathcote Langston
-- Confirmed: 15 December 1900 by James S. Blake
-- Married to: Joseph Moroni Wright on 4 June 1915 in Salt Lake Temple by Alvin F. Smith
-- Endowed in: Salt Lake Temple on 4 June 1915
-- Sealed to spouse in: Salt Lake Temple on 4 June 1915
-- Patriarchal blessing: by James P. Terry, John Ashman & Willis E. Robinson
-- Special appointments: As Primary Stake Secy & Treas. of Millard Stake when 15 yrs old. & worked as a Stake Leader either in Primary or M.I.A. all married life.
-- Died: 10 February 1956
-- Buried: Salt Lake City on 13 February 1956

Images of the record, written in her own handwriting (except for the death and burial information, which was written by an unknown person) are included here:

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Canny said...

I was reading your family history and notice Myrtle was a student and also taught at Millard Academy, "Hinckley Academy" and I've been fasinated by the academy for about 4 years and I'm just curious if some one has anything, pictures or information on the academy that they could email me copies of? Thanks!My email address is

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