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Ena Wright Gladden (1919-1986)

This is a personal history as written by Myrtle Langston, Ena's mother. This was written and included in Myrtle's book of remembrance. I have not corrected any spelling but I did add paragraph breaks for convenience. Ena is my paternal grandmother and I remember her from when I was young. She was a good woman.

Ena was born in the hom[e] 1/2 block straight west of the Millard Stake Academy in Hinckley Millard Co. Utah 16 Aug. 1919. The family moved from the farm 23 July 1919 where we had moved to escape the Flu, as 1918 was the first bad year of the flu (the year my bro. Charley died with flu while on a mission in Tongan Islands) An incident happened before Ena's birth I desire to relate. Ena was due to be born Aug. 10 - on a Sun. when she didn't arrive, Joe & I took a ride with "old Snip" hitched to our buggy (one seat) & rode by Sister a widow Mary E. Lee's home - (She nursed me & brot all 4 of our children. Wallace Joe's Dr. brother helped with Ruth, after Sis. Lee had done 1/2 of delivery) We ask her if there was a possibility the baby would wait till Joe returned from a Drainage meeting in S.L. on the following week. She said, "Well, you've waited this long, why can't you wait till he does return." Joe returned Thurs. nite & Ena was born 10 a.m., on Friday. We were still living in the 2 rooms that Norda was born.

Ena has always been a healthy child - for which we were thankful. She was sweet, lovable, & pretty - my mother thot her adorable. Shirley Langston & all neighbors children came & played with our children acting out shows for pins. Ena loved to swim in the Langston's (my Fathers) swimming home at the corner of his lot. It was one of the Town's favorite swimming places - an irrigation ditch. Our home was one in which we taught the children to pray, & attend Primary S.S. Sacrament Meeting & church functions. We were poor in worldly goods or money but we were very happy & tried to help in the Lord's work. Her teachers loved Ena & so far as I know she gave them no trouble.

Both in District and High S. she took parts in plays operettas & operas. She always was obedient to help in home. But now she says Norda tried to "boss" her, & it went against her spirit to be "bossed." Norda was trying to get the tasks done her mother left for the 2 girls to do. I think 5-6 girls made up her crowd of girls as she grew into her "teens." There were only a few boys near her age in Hinckley, so this group went with boys from other towns. This, her parents felt badly about, but couldn't correct it. Hence it was a constant worry to us, her parents.

Ena was a first class dancer, & loved shows, was always happy & laughing. All who have known Ena, all her life, have loved her. Tragedy struck in our home when she married at 17 to a boy from Kentucky, who worked in "CC" Gov't work west of Hinckley, James David Wood. Of course it wasn't L.D.S. temple marriage as he was not L.D.S They stayed in Hinckley for a while then went to Caliente & lived in part of Norda's home. After a year's time she went to Cedar Hospital where Iris was born. J.D. has never seen Iris nor Ena since he saw her in the hospital in Cedar City. Her second marriage came during 2nd world war, as she married Eskel D. Carlson & they had two children, David & Ann. They were divorced & her 3rd marriage was to Everett Gladden of Virginia. He came to Tooele Ordinance Depot where she was living & supporting her 3 children. They seem happy today 18 Feb. 1953. They hope to go to temple soon as possible. They seem not to have children - but are happy with their three.

They are wanting a new home in Tooele & hope they get one soon. Their new De Soto requires $107.00 monthly - & can't save. E.&E. have had trips every summer to fish, hunt, & see Everett's folks in Durango Colorado. It's hard for E&E to save money - living costs are so high, rent, car payments. They both earn fair wages, & are happy in their home. Both are active in the church for which Joe & I are thankful. They have the blessing on the food but not Family prayer. They pay some tithing, I don't know how much. So they have much to do to get a temple recommend. I'll quit writing today 18 Feb. '53 & let Ena fill in the rest as she desires. Everett has quit smoking & is putting on lbs. of weight.

The following vital information was also included with this history:

-- Father's name: Joseph Moroni Wright
-- Mother's maiden name: Myrtle Kezia Langston
-- Born: 16 August 1919 in Hinckley Millard Co. Utah
-- Blessed: 24 August 1919 by her father
-- Baptized: 16 Aug 1927 in canal by the gust mill - west, by her father, Joseph Moroni Wright
-- Confirmed: 16 Aug 1927 by her father
-- Married to: Everett Gladden on 9 April 1948 in her Sister Norda's home in Tod Park by Presiding Elder of Tod Branch by the name of Charles F. Adams
-- Patriarchal blessing: by Willis E. Robison on 16 August 1935

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