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Gladden Records from St. Mary's Parish 1819-1835

The following is research that I myself did. I was looking for the ancestors of Edward Mansfield Gladden, only knowing his birthdate, apparent place of birth, and his (first) wife's name, and was led to the Bishops records of St. Mary's Parish in Reading, England. From looking at these records, I have constructed the following, which is my estimation of the family's circumstances between the years of 1819 and 1835. Throughout, "birth" means "christening" and "death" means "burial", but is used for convenience.

1819-06-02 - Gladden, James - Marriage Record to Charlotte Stedman

This first record is of somebody named James Gladden, whose relationship I do not know with respect to Edward. Judging by one of the later records (dated 1823-12-07, below) which shows his death at the age of 27 years, I assume that James was born in 1796, which would make him roughly 23 at the time of this marriage. Knowing that Edward was born around 1816, it's possible that James was either his older brother or perhaps his uncle. The witnesses to the wedding are unfamiliar names, so no direct family connection is confirmed. Nevertheless, it seems evident they are related somehow. Further records of James's family follow.

1821-01-15 - Gladden, James - Birth Record to James Gladden

This appears to be James's and Charlotte's first child, born 1 1/2 years into their marriage. The record shows that James was a painter and their place of residence is what I believe to be Coley Terrace.

1821-01-26 - Gladden, James - Death Record of Son of James Gladden (age 11 days)

This is the death record for James Gladden, son of James and Charlotte Gladden. The baby survived only 11 days.

1821-11-26 - Gladden, Emma - Birth Record to James Gladden

Just ten months after the birth and subsequent death of their first child, James and Charlotte welcomed another child to their family. In this record, James is listed as being a "Painter & Glazier", with a place of residence still listed as Coley Terrace. A "glazier" is one who colors the glass in stained-glass windows.

1823-05-26 - Gladden, Mary - Death Record (age 51 years)

A year and a half after Emma was born, there is a death record for a Mary Gladden, listed as being 51 years old at the time of death. Doing the math, she would have been born around 1772, and could have been the mother of James Gladden and possibly even Edward Mansfield Gladden. The record shows she resided in "Salem Yard".

1823-12-07 - Gladden, James - Death Record (age 27 years)

The end of 1823 brought the death of James Gladden, listed as being 27 years old at the time of death. He left behind his wife Charlotte, and 2-year-old Emma.

1825-03-20 - Gladden, Emma - Death Record of Daughter of Edward Gladden (age 3 years 3 months)

A year and a half after her father's death, Emma Gladden also died, leaving her mother a childless widow.

1825-10-17 - Richardson, James - Marriage Record to Charlotte Gladden (maiden name Stedman)

Seven months later, however, Charlotte Gladden, now childless and a widow, remarried to a James Richardson. At this point, she no longer appears in the records at St. Mary's through 1835, so it can be surmised that she moved with her new husband to some other locale.

1829-12-27 - Langstaff, Mary - Death Record (age 87 years)

At the end of 1829, there was a death record for a Mary Langstaff, who died at the old age of 87 years. This record is only of immediate interest because it is known that Edward Mansfield Gladden named one of his children William Langstaff Gladden. It is possible that this Mary was a maternal grandmother or great-grandmother to Edward Mansfield Gladden, who would have been around 13 or 14 at the time of her death, or to his future wife who would have been about 17 years old at the time of her death. Her residence was listed as "Bank Place".

1830-10-10 - Gladden, Edward - Marriage Record to Henrietta Robson

The first record of Edward Mansfield Gladden is listed in 1830 in a marriage record on October 10th of that year. He was married to a Henrietta Robson, with a witness listed as Richard Robson. It can be surmised that Richard was Henrietta's father or brother, but shows up nowhere else in this set of records. The other witness was Mary Simmons (last named perhaps mis-spelled), who has no known connection to the family. This was the first time seeing the actual marriage date for Edward and Henrietta!

1831-05-29 - Gladden, Edward John - Birth Record to Edward Gladden

Just shy of 8 months later, Edward and Henrietta welcomed a baby to their family. This clearly suggests that Henrietta was pregnant at the time of the wedding as it seems evident that Edward John was healthy at the time of birth and lived to adulthood (he's found in later English censuses), so was likely carried to full-term. Further evidence of this lies with the fact that it is estimated that Edward was only about 15 or 16 at the time of the wedding (whereas Henrietta was about 20 years old). Here, Edward Mansfield is listed as having a vocation of "Painter", which implies a stronger connection with James Gladden from above. Further, the place of residence also appears to be Coley Terrace.

1832-03-27 - Gladden, John - Death Record (age 61 years)

A year later, there was a death record for a John Gladden. At the time, Edward Mansfield Gladden would have been about 16 years old, which would have put John Gladden at 45 years old at the time of Edward's birth. This could be Edward's father ... or uncle ... or grandfather.

1832-10-21 - Gladden, Henrietta - Birth Record to Edward Gladden

Not quite a year and a half after Edward John Gladden was born, Edward and Henrietta welcomed a daughter to their family, whom they also named Henrietta. Again, Edward Mansfield Gladden is listed as being a "painter". Here, though, their place of residence is listed as "Castle Hill Place". This daughter was previously unknown to me.

1835-05-24 - Gladden, Richard - Birth Record to Edward Gladden

Again, another year and a half later, Edward and Charlotte had another baby boy, whom they named Richard. Other known records show a middle initial "M.", but no evidence is on the birth record to support this. Profession and residence remain unchanged.

1835-06-20 - Gladden, Henrietta - Death Record of Daughter of Edward Gladden (age 2 years 9 months)

The final record discovered herein through 1835 was the death record for Henrietta, who was not quite 3 at the time of her death. This would explain why there was no record of her beforehand. Interestingly, though, the residence is here listed as Coley Terrace.

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